Snoop Dogg Launches New Line of Cannabis-Infused Onion Chips

The acclaimed rapper is adding a new savory treat to his long list of THC products.

Who would have thought Snoop Dogg would turn into one of the world's biggest lifestyle influencers? Well, over the years, he's launched his own cereal, his own wine label, and has teamed up with his bestie Martha Stewart on several different projects.

Now, he's adding to his extensive portfolio of cannabis businesses. The acclaimed rapper, in partnership with TSUMoSnacks, is launching a new line of cannabis-infused edibles named Snazzle O's. The product offers a fresh take on Snoop's favorite snack, onion-flavored chips.

Snazzle O's will debut in two flavors, Onion and Spicy Onion. Each bag of these ring-shaped treats contains 100mg of THC. Mints aren't included but are probably a good idea.

Snazzle O's will be available to purchase at MedMen locations across California starting October 6 and will remain available through October 20. Then, the snacks will be shipped out to additional partner dispensaries across the Golden State.

"There are plenty of sweet edibles out there, so when I created this product I wanted to put the Dogg twist on it, which is why I'm bringing [it] to my home state of California," Snoop Dogg said in a statement. "You know that if I'm going to put my name on something, it's guaranteed stamped Snoop D-O-Double-G fresh."

In addition to the cannabis partnership, the TSUMo Snacks x Uncle Snoop team-up will include a limited-edition merchandise line, complete with a tracksuit, gold chain, knee-high socks, and more, so you can don your best Snoop Dogg drag.

Fans can enter to win free merchandise via a social media contest hosted on TSUMo's Instagram. Just don't hit the "unfollow" button too soon. Product drops are expected to continue throughout the year.

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