Snoop Dogg Just Launched Another Wine Called the Snoop Cali Rosé

Last year's Snoop Cali Red was quite a success.

Snoop Dogg holding 19 Crimes' Snoop Cali Rosé
Snoop Cali Rosé | Courtesy of 19 Crimes
Snoop Cali Rosé | Courtesy of 19 Crimes

Following the success of last year's Snoop Cali Red collaboration, wine brand 19 Crimes has once again teamed up with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg to release a California wine that's perfect for spring and summer: the Snoop Cali Rosé.

The Snoop Cali Rosé is, obviously, a California rosé, but more specifically, it's a refreshing blend of grenache and zinfandel that 19 Crimes boasts as an "easy drinking wine."

19 Crimes is an Australia-based winery owned by global wine company Treasury Wine Estates. The winery is in the midst of a multi-year partnership with Snoop Dogg that introduced California wines to its lineup for the first time. According to John Wardley, TWE's marketing vice president for the Americas, there's already high demand from retail partners to stock Snoop Cali Rosé as soon as possible.

Snoop Cali Rosé will quickly be made available in wine stores nationwide and can be purchased online through The Wine Shop, where it runs for $15.

“I hope when you open a bottle of this wine you take a little mind trip to my Cali home," said Snoop Dogg in a press release. "This is how we Rosé the Snoop Dogg way!”

Just for fun, people who purchase Snoop Cali Red and Snoop Cali Rosé can visit on their smartphone browser, scan their bottle using AR technology, and ask a holographic Snoop Dogg a question to hear a fun response. Of course, Snoop Dogg isn't actually on the other end listening to your question, so don't expect him to give a very insightful answer.

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