It Snowed in Texas and Nobody Knew How to React

When you think of Texas, images of a snowy winter landscape don't usually come to mind. Unless of course we're discussing the majestic snowfall plummeting down on the southeastern region of the state.

That's right, it snowed in south Texas on Thursday night and into Friday morning, and because people there aren't really accustomed to frozen water pouring from the sky, they appropriately (and joyously) freaked out. According to CNN, the snow started falling on Thursday, with smatterings landing in Austin and San Antonio. But the unforeseen blanketing has grown and continued in some parts of the state as of Friday afternoon.  

Even in Corpus Christi, which has its historical averages hovering around 67 degrees this time of year, the snow has been intense, with meteorologist Mike Seidel explaining that this is just the third time in the last 70 years that the city has had measurable snowfall. 

Someone there must be communicating with winter spirits, because it looks like the tundra is vacationing in Texas. 

Seemingly every Texan who's come into contact with the unprecedented snowfall is sharing the moment on the internet.

So, it snowed in Texas last night... #winter #wtf

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Houston residents had to wait a little bit longer for the flurries to migrate towards them, but seemingly the whole city got in on the fun when the storm moved in, including Texans star JJ Watt:  

Much of the south is bracing for a snow dump on Friday night, with USA Today reporting that the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas have all been given advisories by the National Weather Service, preparing residents for up to an inch of snow. 


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