This Maniac Skied Behind a Car Over Snowy Streets

A snow day is not an excuse to go on a binge and catch up on Westworld. Instead, it should be an opportunity to do something amazing in the snow. Maybe that means making a snowman or maybe it means having your dogs pull you on a snowboard. (OK. It's totally an excuse to binge some TV, but it can also be a good reason to get outside.)

For one man in North Carolina, it meant inventing a dangerous and amazing new sport. With the aid of a rope and a potentially destroyed set of skis, this modern Einstein skied through the snowy streets of his town like it was a calm lake on a beautiful summer day. 

The YouTube user M Newman must have caught a glimpse and chased down the wintery Henry Winkler because he has uploaded a video of the daredevil's trek. Newman followed the journey in his car, cheering for a crash, which mercifully never arrives. Though, the skier tests how much he can do, going outside the "wake," up onto the curb, and he even takes a stab and jumping off the curb.

Watch the amazing trip above and then definitely don't try this in your town, but also... No. Never mind. Don't do it. 

h/t Mashable

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