This Vending Machine Sells 'Real Minnesota Snowballs' for $1

If you're feeling insecure about your ability to make perfectly spherical snowballs, boy, do we have some great news for you: The world's first snowball vending machine is now operational.

Invented by Minnesota ad agency Space150, simply insert a dollar and you'll receive a perfect sphere of snow to be used at your discretion. Located in Minneapolis' North Loop, the vending machine reads, "Hand-packed by real Minnesotans. Take one home. Throw it at a friend.” and is ready to take your money for something that literally falls from the sky.

Granted, proceeds from the "Real Minnesota snowballs" go to the local nonprofit Wilderness Inquiry, and they come in a nice package marked with the date they were handcrafted. 

First customer!

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Snowball-makers covered their bare hands in wax while packing the snowballs and then let them sit in a shed for in 24 to 48 hours to dry before canning and dating them.

“Mittens can’t get the consistency you need,” Nick Nelson, a Space150 employee, told the Minneapolis' StarTribune. “It’s just quality control and pride in your work.” If you're in town for the Super Bowl, just swing by 212 3rd Avenue N in Minneapolis to grab one. They're hoping they'll appeal as a fun souvenir for those coming to town. 

“You get sand in a bag in Hawaii or moss in Ireland,” Nelson told the StarTribune. “Here, it’s snow.” 

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