So a Moose Walks Into a Grocery Store...

Published On 10/23/2015 Published On 10/23/2015, but really. It's not a joke, but a thing that actually happened.

If a moose walked into a grocery store in New York City, people would freak the hell out, chaos would ensue, and an animal rights protest would take place the next day. However, if a moose walks into a grocery store in Alaska, it appears the hardy folks of "The Last Frontier" know exactly what to do -- including getting the whole thing on camera. After all, it is Alaska.

This was demonstrated on Thursday, when a young moose found its way into a Carrs grocery store in Wasilla, Alaska after noticing its "lavish" -- and likely delicious -- display of fall gourds, according to a report by Alaska Dispatch News. While onlookers watched the misplaced moose, a cool-headed employee held out her arms and blocked the animal from getting any further inside the store. Ema Kate witnessed the moose-hap and posted video of the encounter on Facebook:


A regular morning in alaska

Posted by Ema Kate on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Eventually, the moose showed itself out. Oh, and fun fact: Sarah Palin lives in Wasilla, AK, where she used to be mayor. Sounds like a helluva place.

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