These Emotional Videos Show How People Are Celebrating Life Events While Social Distancing

 Jenna Maloney
Jenna Maloney

There was a time when it was simply charming (or creepy) to show up and get emotional outside of someone's window, but now this sort of sentimental social distancing is a means of reducing the spread of COVID-19, the new coronavirus. All across the world, people are seeking creative ways to celebrate important moments in their lives. Last week one viral video showed a family of 15 singing happy birthday at the edge of their 95-year-old family member's lawn and, this week, videos of creative connections continue to flood our social media feeds. 

To spark some feelings of connectivity during this time of social isolation, we've put together some of the most heart-warming videos of intimate moments shared at a distance. May we all be inspired to celebrate important moments in whatever ways we safely can during these difficult weeks, and if we have no important milestones coming up, may we at least sing tender melodies to each other from our respective windows, just like the romantic Italians

On March 18, Kathy Rezac from Georgia posted a tear-jerker video to Facebook, capturing her daughter and son-in-law as they introduced their newborn baby to Kathy's father through a closed window.

"My granddaughter meeting her great grandfather for the first time," she wrote in the caption. "Love shines through windows. Feel free to share - we could all use a little uplifting these days."

This adorable New York marriage moment, while still socially distant, was a bit more intimate. The video was posted by Twitter user @TalalNAnsari on March 21, and was followed by an image of the happy couple and a clip of the wedding officiant reading a passage from an apartment window overhead. 

"Just witnessed the most incredible thing," Ansari wrote in the Twitter post. "After being read a passage from 'love in the time of cholera' from a marriage officiant 5 stories up, down below, these two souls were married on the streets of upper manhattan. what. a. coronavirus. moment." 

This video, posted by Twitter user @lias_ on March 21, shows Kevin Maloney and wife Jenna Maloney celebrating their recent marriage with a Christmas light-bedecked reception in their New Jersey living room. The couple live-streamed their first dance to loved ones on Facebook. 

On March 20, Twitter user @SamiAlexandraaa shared a video of her family members giving now 10-year-old Cori the best birthday celebration possible under their current circumstances. 

"Due to coronavirus, Cori wasn’t able to celebrate outside for her birthday," her mother Sami wrote, "So family brought the party to her." 

In the video, the family of four stands outside of Sami's apartment in New York City, absolutely crushing their vocal performance of an exuberant "Happy Birthday." Daughter Cori waves and giggles from her post at the window. Cori later said this birthday was her "best so far," according to a Tweet from mom.

Last but not least likely to make you sob, Twitter user @IzzySchappell shared a video of her father playing the piano outside of a retirement community on March 20. According to her post, her father had just celebrated his 84th birthday and, after having to cancel his trip to a music conference in Quebec, decided to give those in quarantine some musical love. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.