This Company Will Pay You $5k to Take a 3-Month Trip to 47 European Cites This Summer

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Trekking all across Europe for three months is not cheap, especially in the summer. Not to mention, you need to rack up some serious vacation time to get away with that sort of trip without losing your job. Then again, what if traveling all across Europe was your job? Well, if you play your cards right it could be, now that a travel company is looking to hire four people to go on an all-expenses paid tour across much of the continent, during which they'll get paid to document the whole adventure on social media.

The dream gig is for travel tour company Busabout, which runs a network of hop-on hop-off coach busses and guided tours that criss-cross Europe, and requires that you document every step of the expedition on the company's social media feeds. So, basically, you'll be getting paid to Instagram all the cool stuff you're doing on the trip -- something you'd probably be doing anyway.

Specifically, they're looking to hire one Instagrammer, one blogger, one vlogger, and a Snaptchatter or Instagram stories creator to go on the trip. The three month whirlwind journey will have you and three other social media-savvy travelers visiting 47 cities across 15 countries, with Busabout covering your hop-on-hop-off pass, accommodation, and your return trip home (altogether worth over $7,000). And while you'll be doing things like hiking in Austria, island hopping in Croatia, and experiencing some of the coolest cities in the world at the most beautiful time of year, make no mistake: this is a job. You'll be expected to meet deadlines and report regularly to Busabout's marketing department. However, provided you kick ass along the way, you'll be paid a "success fee" of $2,500 at the end. They'll also throw in another $2,500 in spending money.


To get in on the action, applicants are being asked to submit a 60-second video (in English) showcasing why they're the best person to take charge of whatever their preferred social media platform is during the one-in-a-lifetime trek, and fill out a brief application on the official job listing page. If you think you and your friends have what it takes to run the show and want to barrel through Europe together, you can also submit applications as a group (just make sure that you select a different social media platform for each person). 

The epic Eurotrip is open to anyone over 18 with a passport or visa that enables they can travel in Europe for at least 90 days and can travel continuously between sometime in late May through early September. They're accepting applications until April 17, so you have plenty of time to throw together a slick and creative video showing off your social media skills. Winners will be notified in early May, which is also when the exact travel dates will be confirmed.

It may be cheaper than ever to get to Europe from the states right now, but good luck ever finding another opportunity to get paid to explore the entire continent.

You got this.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.