There's an Adult Study Abroad Program and It's Selling Out Fast

You don't have to be in college to study abroad anymore.

Courtesy of Sojrn/Anna Richey
Courtesy of Sojrn/Anna Richey

Working from home has become the norm since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and many are hopeful that it will continue long after things return to normal.

But working from home doesn't mean you actually need to work from home. Enter Sojrn, a travel company that launched in April 2021 with the goal of bringing the study abroad experience to grown-ups working remotely.

From focusing on your mental wellness in Bali to learning about wine in Italy, Sojrn offers four-week "chapters" around the globe that each feature a theme, or area of study. The company's aim is to inspire employees who have the flexibility to pack up their laptops, kiss their apartments goodbye, and see the world.

For $2,800 (or more, depending on the program you enroll in), you can join a Sojrn chapter. The fee covers a workspace with a good Wi-Fi connection, a local host to show you around, and a full curriculum of themed activities to participate in when you're not working. You'll also get private accommodations, which are typically studios, rooms in a shared apartment, or a private room in a four-star hotel. The fee does not cover flights or meals, but if you sign up with a friend or partner and agree to share a room you'll get a 20% discount.

Despite not launching its first trip until September, most 2021 chapters are already fully booked, though the company shared with Thrillist that there are still openings for the Philosophy in Greece Chapter in September and the Spanish Language in Medellin Chapter in November/December. All 2022 dates currently have availability, and new winter chapters will be announced in the next few weeks. 
"Logistics are sorted. A friend group is waiting for you," Sojrn's website says, adding that each chapter will feature between 15 and 40 like-minded individuals. And because many will be working odd hours due to the time difference, making connections might be hard. To remedy this, each chapter will have one group activity each week with at least two sessions. 

"In college, study abroad allows students to continue their academic experience in another cultural setting. Sojrn does the same for people who are out of school but want to temporarily experience life through a different cultural lens without giving up their career, home, etc.," the website says.

The only restriction in place is that participants must be at least 21 years of age.

Upcoming 2022 chapters include Fashion in Paris, France, Technology in Tokyo, Japan, Design in Stockholm, Sweden, Entrepreneurship in Berlin, Germany, and Surf and Sustainability in Costa Rica, to name a few.

You can join the waitlist here.

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