People Had Strangely Hilarious Reactions to the Solar Eclipse

eclipse reactions

The total solar eclipse swept across the United States Monday. It was inescapable. There was constant coverage on the news, and if you were out on the streets, you probably saw hoards of people gawking at the sky like the end was coming

While you were looking up, you might have missed some of the great ridiculous commentary flowing through social media as everyone tried to have their say on the Great American Eclipse. Social media was filled with jokes. There were specialty accounts retweeting every instance of someone asking, "What happened to the sun?" And the eclipse proved you still shouldn't trifle with Wu-Tang Clan.

Here's a taste of some of Monday's best reactions to the total solar eclipse. 

If you want to relive the eclipse with more than jokes, check out a view of the eclipse from space, NASA's images of the International Space Station crossing the sun, or a Chicago weatherman who responded to the beauty of the eclipse with the proper amount of emotion. Hopefully, you can still see these images because you definitely weren't staring directly at the sun, like some people.

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