Sonic's New Burger Is Coming to Steal Your Girl With Its Queso & Green Chiles

Sonic's queso-covered hamburger has everything she needs.


If you're questioning the strength of your relationship, take your girl to Sonic and buy her the newly debuted Queso Burger. If she leaves with a love for you still shining in her eyes, you'll know that no person or pure beef patty could ever stand between you two.

The chain announced this homewrecking burger's release in a press release Friday. It's a quarter pound of beef doused in cheddar and spicy cheese sauce and topped with hatch green chiles, grilled onions and creamy mayo.

“We enhanced the comforting flavor of melty queso with the sweet, spicy and smoky flavor of real hatch green chiles to deliver that elusive, satisfying umami in an irresistible burger,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic, in a press release. He added that queso "should never have to sit on the sidelines." 

We love the queso burger so much that we're momentarily putting our standard order recommendation--the SuperSonic bacon double cheeseburger with bacon, chili cheese tots, cherry limeade--on hold. Get ten of these bad boys; Each one costs only ~$4, and they won't be here forever.

We're not sure exactly when the menu item will be gone, so you'd best play it safe and go before finishing this article...

... If you're still here, I forgot to mention that Sonic has an app for contactless ordering and payment. 

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