If You Bought an Original PS3, Sony Could Owe You $65

It might seem like a pipe dream to be reimbursed after buying a gaming console. But, in a stroke of unforeseen luck for Call of Duty addicts, buyers of the original PS3 console have been awarded a sliver of financial reward from Sony, after a class-action lawsuit ruled the company pay a $3.75 million proposed settlement.

The suit stems from a software hiccup that made original PS3s susceptible to hacking. Originally, Sony enabled users to install different operating systems on PS3s, with Linux becoming particularly popular. The Linux-enabled systems posed a security threat, the company claimed, after a hacker exploited the system's "OtherOS" feature, and, in March of 2010, Sony used a software update to remove the option to install third-party software "due to security reasons."

Seven years later, the legal slog finally reached a settlement in which Sony is paying $3.75 million after being accused of false advertising and breaching warranty, among other offenses. While the pot is being split among lawyers, plaintiffs, and settlement organizers, there's still enough left over for aggrieved PS3 users to claim some form of compensation, which could be as high as $65.

In 2016, the same settlement promised as much as $55 for entitled parties, but the payouts have apparently fattened.

In order to claim eligibility, you need to have bought a "Fat" PS3 between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010 at an "authorized retailer," like Best Buy or Walmart -- definitely not through your neighbor on Facebook Marketplace. Through the claim form, you can submit multiple claims if you bought more than one console. You have about a month left to file a claim, as the deadline is April 15.

Also, don't lie in any of the legal documents (duh!). You have to swear that you tried installing Linux, and provide your PS3's serial number and that you purchased it legally, among other requirements.

This isn't likely to affect the majority of PS3 owners, although the savviest proponents of PlayStation are likely to finally receive payment for their fierce dedication to the art of gaming. And then probably spend it on more games.

[h/t CNET]

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