Someone Keeps Sending This Guy Soup With Messages & It’s Honestly Kind of Creepy


It's kind of fun and exciting to find out you have a secret admirer. That is, until it isn't, and their anonymous gestures go from lighthearted and cute to borderline creepy. That's the situation one poor man is dealing with at the moment, after receiving numerous mysterious soup deliveries with the note "soup for my perfect little soup boy" attached. The problem? He doesn't even like soup.

The hilarious saga of the secret soup sender was recently made public after Twitter user Hannah Solow shared a screen grab of a post someone made in her neighborhood message board, politely asking whoever was anonymously having soup delivered to his home to -- for the love of oyster crackers -- stop it.

"Someone keeps delivering soup to my house with a note that says 'soup for my perfect little soup boy'" the post reads. "I appreciate the free food but I don't like soup. Please stop."

Of course, since the internet is nothing if not a cesspool of unsolicited opinions, plenty of people on Twitter weighed in on the situation. Many took issue with the fact that there is a person out there who doesn't like soup, which, fine. But even if he loved soup, getting unannounced deliveries of it on a regular basis from some stranger with a bizarre note calling you "soup boy" is super creepy. 

Solow is apparently on the hunt for more answers to the many pressing questions that have been raised (who might be sending it? what kinds of soups?), but for now the mystery remains unsolved. It could be an innocent prank, or the work of a serial soup fetishist. No one knows, but the soup truth is out there.


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.