Southwest Just Made It More Expensive to Drink on Its Flights

Starting on November 15, you can expect to pay more for your in-flight drink of choice.

The price of drinking on Southwest flights has just gone up. According to CBS News, the airline confirmed that it is making a price change to its in-flight alcoholic beverages, starting Wednesday. This is the first time the airline has changed its prices since 2018.

So, what will the damage to your wallet be? Expect to pay $2 more for liquor and wine, and $1 more for beers. The price of liquor is going from $7 to $9 per drink, and the price of beers is raising from $6 to $7 apiece. Wine is going from $6 per glass to $8. While that's not a dramatic change on its face, it could definitely add up quickly.

You can see the price changes reflected on the Southwest website. For spirits, Southwest offers Deep Eddy Vodka, Deep Eddy Lime Vodka, Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey, Cazadores Tequila, Bacardi Rum, and on flights to Hawaii you can also order Kula Toasted Coconut Rum.

In-flight wine options on Southwest include ​​Cruset Brut Sparkling Wine, Carmenet Cabernet Sauvignon, Mossel Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay, and Stone Cellars California Rosé. Beer options on Southwest flights are Miller Lite, Lagunitas IPA, High Noon Hard Seltzer Pineapple, Dogfish Head Strawberry Vodka Lemonade, On the Rocks Hornitos Margarita, and (on Hawaii flights only) Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Ale.

And while these prices are higher, they are still lower than some other major US airlines. Delta charges $10 for spirits, $8 and up for beer, and $10 and up for wine. American Airlines has a very similar price structure to Delta. JetBlue charges $9 for beer, $11 for wine, and $10 for liquor.

Fortunately, there won't be any changes to Southwest's free non-alcoholic beverage policy. You can still guzzle orange juice for free ninety-nine on flights longer than 175 miles. And on Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween and Southwest's birthday on June 18, Southwest also offers your first alcoholic beverage free.

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