Southwest’s New Flash Sale Has $40 Flights Right Now

Although it might not be something you're willing to admit, summer is in the midst of its final, dying days. But there's still a fleeting chance to score a getaway before the leaves turn orange, thanks to Southwest Airlines latest flash sale, which is hawking tickets starting at $40. 

As you can see on the airline's official sale site, there's a long list of discounted fares to 50 cities throughout the United States, Mexico, and even Cuba, but the overall cheapest tickets are found in California. You can score $40 flights between Long Beach to Oakland, if you're looking for a quick jaunt throughout the Golden State. Flights between Chicago and Atlanta run a modest $42, but if you're willing to stretch your wallet an extra seven dollars -- yes, seven whole dollars -- you can also fly from Atlanta to New Orleans for $49. That'll free up some extra cash in your budget for a bit of an adventure in the Big Easy.

As with most momentary flash sales, the cheap fares are all for one-way flights, but that might even wind up saving you more money in the end. Travel has to be booked by Thursday, August 24, and scheduled for dates between September 5 and February 14, 2018. International travel is valid on separate dates, so check out Southwest's fine print before booking your flight. 

Anyway, enjoy the hot weather while you can, and keep your eyes peeled for the actual flight deals like this one, as opposed to the others that are obviously fake

[h/t Insider]

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