A Southwest Flight Was Forced to Land after a Coffee Pot Caught Fire

There was a helluva dark roast in the sky on Wednesday, when a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore to the Dominican Republic was forced to make an emergency landing after a coffee pot caught fire and smoked out the cabin. 

Flight WN-811 departed from Baltimore around 9am, at prime coffee time. Unfortunately, just as seatbelt signs were turning off (and the worst kind of people were reclining their seats), a strange smell came from the galley of the plane. Smoke soon flooded the aircraft. 

A spokeswoman for the airline told Business Insider that, due to a "malfunctioning coffee pot," the flight had to be diverted to Norfolk International Airport in Virginia. 

There were 90 passengers and five crew members aboard, according to a CBS affiliate. They quickly switched to another plane and managed to get to Punta Cana two and a half hours after the originally planned time. It's unclear if they ended up being properly caffeinated.

After a pilot for Condor Airlines spilled coffee on the plane's control board in February, a spokesperson said the airline was going to introduce cup tops on flights and "remind" the crew of how to properly handle hot beverages. But it seems there's no avoiding the skyway's Great Caffeine Crisis after all. The airplane coffee itself might even be dangerous to drink

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.