Southwest Is Launching a New Fare Category with Perks You'll 'Happily' Pay More for

Get ready. It will be available midway through 2022.


Southwest Airlines is great if you want to get away. In fact, it's got a whole fare category—aptly called Wanna Get Away—built on that desire. If you've flown Southwest, you know it's the cheapest, no-frills option. You'll pay for Wi-Fi and get a complimentary snack and drink, and that's about it.

But the airline is preparing to add a new fare category full of features it thinks customers will be willing to spend a little more on. According to USA Today, on Wednesday, during a presentation to investors, Southwest Airlines announced plans to introduce a "new fare product" midway through 2022. Fares in the category will appear in a fourth column, alongside Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select options.

Southwest's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Watterson teased the category with vague information about it, revealing that the new option will be priced above Wanna Get Away fares. He also said it would offer upgrades he believes "customers will happily pay a little bit more" for. 

Watterson stressed that the new fare offering wouldn't detract from anything Southwest currently offers customers. Travelers will still get the cheap fares they've come to expect from the airline. They'll just have the option to upgrade their experience if they want to. 

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