Southwest Is Offering Super-Cheap Flights All Across the U.S. This Week

Worachat Sodsri/Shutterstock
Worachat Sodsri/Shutterstock

It's me again, your Deepest Travel Desires. Forgot about me, huh? Remember when you got a promotion during the time you'd planned to go on a vacation and promptly canceled the trip, shoving me into the chamber of your subconscious? Or some situation like that? Well, I remain here, sweetie, heave-hoing against the door of resistance, whispering the latest Southwest flight deals into your inner ear until the day I'm finally freed from this PTO-less prison. 

This time around, there's no excuse -- Southwest's latest nationwide fare sale lasts for four days this week, a totally reasonable amount of time for you to access your Deepest Travel Desires, self-actualize, and book your tickets.

To get the discounted one-way flights, you need to book by December 13, 11:59pm Pacific Time. Just select your location from the drop-down menu and peruse both the domestic and international options. Here are our favorite deals: 

Atlanta to Greenville, SC (and vice versa) for $49
Atlanta to Nashville (and vice versa) for $49
Washington, DC to Providence (and vice versa) for $51
Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (and vice versa) for $59
Reno to Oakland, CA (and vice versa) for $59
Phoenix to El Paso (and vice versa) for $59
New Orleans to Detroit (and vice versa) for $78
Pittsburgh to Buffalo (and vice versa) for $89
Louisville to Columbus (and vice versa) for $89
Ft. Lauderdale to Turks and Caicos for $79
St. Louis to Belize City for $179
Washington, DC to The Bahamas for $149

Heads up, inter-island travel in Hawaii is super cheap right now too, with one-way flights hanging around $39. 

Points bookings do not include government fees, but you'll get a free checked bag and carry-on. Make sure you check the sale page for the specific time range when the discounts are valid. The deals only apply after January 7 and end in the beginning of March, for example, and there are some blackout periods therein. 

So go ahead and buy those tickets, or I -- your Deepest Travel Desires -- will forever make you feel terrible every time you look at your wanderlusting college roommate's Instagram.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.