You Might Be Able to See the 2024 Total Eclipse from These Flights

Talk about flying closer to the sun without getting burned!

With the stunning annular eclipse behind us, now it is time to focus solely on the big celestial event of 2024—the total solar eclipse, which is coming right up on April 8.

The travel realm is at the edge of its seat, and everybody—from visitors to hosts, travel companies, and entire tourism sectors—are trying to come up with the best ways possible to enjoy the rare phenomenon. We've learned of the best spots on land to catch the eclipse, and we've been told all about the best locations at sea to marvel at it. Now, get ready to hear all about where in the sky you should place yourself for a very close look.

Southwest Airlines wants to help its space enthusiast passengers enjoy a beautiful eclipse moment while flying. The airline just announced flights that are scheduled to operate both in the direct and partial paths of the eclipse while the phenomenon is happening so you can know exactly where you need to be and when if you want to experience it from the air. Given that many accommodations along the path of totality are expected to sell out soon if they haven't already, we're listening.

"[October 14's] annular solar eclipse was an exciting sneak-peak of the total solar eclipse occurring next year, and our Meteorology and Network Planning Teams identified the best opportunities for a potential view of this breathtaking sight," David Dillahunt, chief meteorologist at Southwest Airlines, recently said in a statement. "With our flight schedule, we're able to offer hundreds of seats in the sky to view the eclipse, and we look forward to showcasing our hospitality on this day while celebrating with our customers."

Specifically, if you hop on any of these Southwest flights on April 8, 2024, you'll have the best chances of catching the best view of the eclipse:

Southwest Flight #1252: departs Dallas (Love Field) at 12:45 pm CDT for Pittsburgh
Southwest Flight #1721: departs Austin at 12:50 pm CDT for Indianapolis
Southwest Flight #1910: departs St. Louis at 1:20 pm CDT for Houston (Hobby)

If these don't work with your schedule, there are a few other Southwest flights you can try, as these may cross the path of totality, according to the airline:

Southwest Flight #955: departs Dallas (Love Field) at 12:50 pm CDT for Chicago (Midway)
Southwest Flight #506: departs Milwaukee at 1:05 pm CDT for Dallas (Love Field)
Southwest Flight #1734: departs Houston (Hobby) at 1:35 pm CDT for Indianapolis
Southwest Flight #1682: departs Chicago (Midway) at 1:30 pm CDT for Austin
Southwest Flight #3108: departs Nashville at 1:40 pm CDT for Dallas (Love Field)

The flights are now ready to be booked. You can do so before all seats are gone by visiting Southwest's website.

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