A Southwest Flight Just Nailed the Beyoncé 'Mute Challenge'

A viral TikTok captured the moment when an entire plane immediately understood the assignment.

This is one creative way to get passengers to quiet down while prepping for take off! On a recent Southwest Airlines flight, passengers got into the (Virgo's) groove while having a little in-flight fun participating in the Beyoncé "Mute Challenge."

In a recent TikTok posted by user @troyweth that already has over 150,000 views, a woman decked out in a metallic silver cowboy hat (Beyoncé last month requested a concert dress code for fans to wear silver while attending shows during her birthday month) took to the plane's PA system to sing a verse from "Energy," a track from Beyoncé's Renaissance album. She pauses after the line "look around everybody on mute," as the plane full of passengers go silent, nailing the viral non-sing-along challenge.

Has Beyoncé not been all up in your mind and you’re in the dark about what exactly the "Mute Challenge" is? During her worldwide tour, Beyoncé has been pausing live during the above track to see which stadium stop can zip it the best. Videos of thousands of fans at sold out shows going silent at the drop of a hat have taken over the Beyhive online, with some truly impressive showings as cities compete to see who can win the silent standoff. Some fans are taking it so seriously there have been incidents at shows, including a recent scuffle in Bey's hometown of Houston when a man was hit in the face after making noise during the challenge.

But the friendly skies lived up to its name in this video, everyone cheering afterwards and singing along, the crew all smiles as well. "They understood the assignment," one commenter said, while another person brings a bit of friendly competition into the comments stating that "Frontier could never!" Even Southwest's official TikTok approves, commenting directly on the video "we are living for this Energy!"

It's no surprise excited fans are channeling a bit of disco diva spirit as they travel to Beyoncé shows across the US during the last leg of her Renaissance tour, which wraps up this Sunday in Kansas City. Full disclosure: This writer is actually flying Southwest this weekend to catch the KC Beyoncé show, and you can bet as I board I'll be grooving down the aisle on the lookout for fellow fans on my flight.

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