Southwest Has $49 Flights for Winter in a New U.S. & International City Sale

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Cancun, Mexico |
Cancun, Mexico |

If you’ve been putting off booking your holiday flights -- despite it nearly being November, and despite your mom nagging you to get it done -- you’re likely far from alone. It's stressful and expensive. And while a new flight sale from Southwest Airlines on Tuesday isn’t going to help you get home for Thanksgiving, scoring a super-cheap trip for yourself sometime this winter could be the incentive you need to finally take care of your holiday flights (and make your mom happy!). 

From now through the end of the day on Thursday, the carrier is offering a long list of deals on one-way flights from nearly all of the nearly 100 cities where it operates, starting at just $49. Again, you’re not going to get a deal for your obligatory flights home for the holidays, but there are all sorts of super-cheap tickets you can use to treat yourself to a winter getaway, you know, for your mental health. Highlights include San Francisco to Las Vegas (and vice versa) for $49, Chicago to Cincinnati (and vice versa) for $67, and Atlanta to Boston (and vice versa) for $69, among others. There are even decent international tickets ranging from $69 to $274.

Here Are Some of the Best U.S. Flight Deals:

  • San Francisco to Las Vegas (and vice versa) for $49
  • Las Vegas to Los Angeles (and vice versa) for $59
  • Chicago to Cincinnati (and vice versa) for $67
  • Baltimore to Boston (and vice versa) for $68
  • Atlanta to Boston (and vice versa) for $69
  • Denver to El Paso (and vice versa) for $69
  • Louisville to Chicago (and vice versa) for $79
  • Boston to Chicago (and vice versa) for $87
  • Detroit to Nashville (and vice versa) for $89
  • Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale (and vice versa) for $93
  • Austin to Orlando (and vice versa) for $94
  • Portland to San Diego (and vice versa) for $94
  • Milwaukee to Houston (and vice versa) for $96
  • Minneapolis to Atlant (and vice versa) for $99
  • NYC to Tampa (and vice versa) for $100

Here Are Some of the Best International Flight Deals:

  • Ft. Lauderdale to Belize City, Belize for $69
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman, Cayman Island for $71
  • Tampa to Havana, Cuba for $99
  • Houston to Mexico City for $127
  • Denver to Cancun for $179
  • Chicago to Cancun for $179

As Southwest explains in the sale’s fine print, the low prices are available for travel dates ranging from November 13, 2018 to May 22, 2019, but blackout dates apply. Because it's not a budget airline, there's not much else in the way of restrictions and you don't have to worry about baggage fees. Your first two bags fly for free.

You just have to book the deals before they’re gone and before the sale ends, which might be a bit of a challenge given the short notice. But this is exactly what all those leftover vacation days are for, right? Better to disappear to Belize than let them go to waste. 

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