You Can Book a 2024 Trip to Space For $125K—and Just a $1K Deposit

Forget getting out of town, you could get out of this world.

Courtesy of Space Perspective

After spending so much time stuck in lockdown, you probably want to get out of town. How about getting out of this world?

Space Perspective, which hails itself "the world's first luxury spaceflight experience" has opened bookings for flights into space to anyone who wants to come. If you can afford it, that is. The company is currently booking trips for late 2024, with each trip costing $125,000 per passenger.

Although you'll be able to boldly go where only a few have gone before, you won't be traveling quite like an astronaut. Space Perspective will offer a six-hour experience that takes place aboard Spaceship Neptune, an eight-person capsule that's propelled by a football-sized space balloon. It's fully equipped with a bar and a bathroom, naturally. No word on whether they've got any space wine on board.

Courtesy of Space Perspective

Unlike regular air travel, the Neptune offers plush seating with plenty of legroom. Passengers can soak in the experience in reclining seats while getting about 100,000 feet above the Earth, and while enjoying 450-mile, 360-degree views. There's Wi-Fi, which means you'll be able to document the whole thing on Instagram.

You can secure your seat on a Space Perspective trip for a $1,000 deposit. That's fully refundable, so if you change your mind or can't scrape together the remaining $124,000, you're in the clear. If you're traveling with family, friends, a small sports team, or something else, you can reserve an entire eight-seat trip for $8,000. Special bookings, including the initial 25 flights called Legacy Explorers, are also available.

Trips will depart from Space Coast Air and Spaceport in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Each trip will start with a two-hour ascent that will take guests above 99% of Earth's atmosphere. Another two hours of the trip are spent gliding above the Earth before a two-hour journey back to land, by way of a water landing. Passengers will then be picked up by ship.

If you're feeling a little uncertain (and we don't blame you), Space Perspective's unique experience, which they describe as a "radically gentle voyage," is fully regulated by the FAA Office of Commercial Spaceflight and doesn't require much preparation, physical or otherwise. Space Perspective recently launched a successful test flight of its Neptune One spaceship. Though no people were on board, the test vehicle went on a trip that took just over six hours to complete.

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