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Don't Worry, the International Space Station Just Received Its Skittles & Reese's Delivery

Ah, space. Where astronauts rotate in slow-motion listening to Bach, learning Russian, popping 2,000 calorie food bars, and playing air hockey with two-ton pucks... Right? Well, at least we know they eat candy, as we've just learned from recent news that the International Space Station received Skittles and Reese's from a SpaceX cargo ship on Monday. 

According to NASA, the cargo ship (otherwise known as "The Dragon") also delivered 4,300 pounds of NASA cargo and science equipment, including an entire science facility meant to be installed this spring. But let's get back to the main event: Skittles and peanut butter-chocolate goodness. Oh, and Hot Tamales (!!!). 

This is the 20th Space X delivery -- we've already heard of some cannabis shooting through space last year. Scientists wanted to test it at the station to "see if it mutated." Sure. (Just kidding, that's exactly what they were doing and it was noble work.)

Dragon is scheduled to remain at the space station until April 9, and the astronauts have a lot of work to do with the materials after it's gone. Yes indeed, there's more to being an astronaut than playing air hockey! There's building science facilities, challenging nature, and, of course, making sure your buddies don't float away to a Hans Zimmer film score.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.