Spider Stuck Inside iMac Screen Is a Literal Computer Bug

When you think of software bugs, you probably think of a glitch in a software system, the kind of hiccup that renders your expensive computer a useless hunk of raw material. While that is the right colloquial term for a computational snag, video of a wily little spider that managed to infiltrate an iMac screen adds new life to the computer-insect relationship.

Feast your eyes on this, uh, hardware bug, that got stuck inside a monitor and found a new home in the pixels. Perhaps the craziest thing about this spider is that it managed to thrive -- albeit for the video's duration -- in what is probably a very inhospitable environment. Timothy Buchanan published the video to his YouTube channel and asked the internet some simple questions: namely, how do you remove a spider from your computer monitor? How did the little creature get in there? What does it know about computer software maintenance and vulnerability that us, the laypeople, do not know?

It doesn't appear to be that simple. The arachnid dances around the screen and very clearly appears to be wedged between the monitor and the device's innards. It's weird.

BGR posits a plausible answer, writing: "a particularly skinny insect could find its way between the panel and the screen, provided that there’s a gap between the two." There’s also a chance the whole thing is a trick, because this is a video on the internet we’re talking about.

Anyway, we could search the deepest recesses of our minds trying to figure this one out, so just watch the video.

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