Apple's Wireless Airpods' First Accessory: A $10 Wire

The major selling point of Apple’s new wireless “AirPod” headphones, which are on sale now, is the fact that they’re wireless. As explained ad nauseam, however, the many reasons the iPhone 7 can be viewed skeptically pertain to the AirPods — they’re tiny, can be easily lost, and also cost $159(!).   

Apple as of yet hasn’t done much to placate its hordes of annoyed customers, but Spigen, a Korean company known for smartphone accessories, decided to ameliorate some of the fallout with a $10 AirPods Strap, which is already available on Amazon.

The product itself isn’t genius — it merely connects the AirPods with a wire — and exists more for convenience’s sake than anything else. But for anyone afraid of losing a tiny piece of hardware, the time-honored rubber wire is kind of a no-brainer.

And for everyone revved up about the AirPod’s specs — which Apple touts as the beginning of a wireless future — the Airpods Strap makes sense, because it doesn’t change how the headphones work at all.

Gizmodo points out this isn’t the first AirPod strap on the market: The Airpod Strap — which yes, has the same name, minus one letter — emerged last week, and does exactly the same thing as Spigen’s product, although it costs $20, instead of $10.

The $10 Airpod Straps made by Spigen — not to be confused with the other Airpod Strap — hits the market on October 17. Then, people can decide if they really hate it.

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