Someone Has Gone Rogue With Spike's Social Media and It's Hilarious

Spike Twitter Reaction
Spike/The Shannara Chronicles

On Thursday, Spike TV will rebrand as the Paramount Network, a move announced last year. The network originally billed itself as "the first network for men" after it was transitioned from TNN in 2003.  

But before the rebranded network launches with a six-part docudrama called Waco, someone on the network's social media team is letting off a little steam. The @Spike account on Twitter is telling hilarious stories to make sure Spike's social media exits with a flourish. 

The tweets are absurd and hilarious. Though, if you're looking for true behind-the-scenes stories, you may want to look elsewhere. Starting with a claim about holding stories for 18 years may be a tip of the hat to indicate this is just some strangely on-brand venting and jokes about the channel. (Spike would have been TNN 18 years ago.)

The tirade is funny, but there are signs it may have been orchestrated. The thread is pinned to the top of the account and has been on Twitter for more than seven hours at the time of publication. It's not unheard of for the person with the social media password to go rogue. After all, just recently we saw an exiting employee at Twitter ban the President

However, this thread got a response from the Paramount Network's Twitter account, which may indicate that there aren't really any hard feelings about the jabs at Cops and Ink Master. Nonetheless, an A+ use of a soon-to-be pointless account. 

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