TikTok Dubs Spirit Airlines the Most 'Unbothered' Airline

The budget airline is at the center of a new social media trend thanks to its supposed carefree vibe.

A Spirit Airlines plane in the sky
Courtesy of Spirit Airlines
Courtesy of Spirit Airlines

You’ve got to hand it to Spirit Airlines. The ultra-low cost airline is frequently reduced to punchlines about baggage fees and other mishaps, but we’d be remiss to ignore that Spirit has many defenders, too.

The airline is currently trending on TikTok and winning some love—or, at least, some light-hearted jabs—for its reputation, seemingly, as one of the more carefree air travel options available.

It all stems from trending audio first posted to the platform by TikToker Vanessa Sirias last month. The audio, which has been used in over 38,000 videos, begins with a soft, vibe-y cover of the popular bolero "Bésame Mucho" but is abruptly interrupted by the sound of a vehicle cruising by blasting the Latin rap hit "Delincuente" by Tokischa featuring Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow. The video's text reads: "Me trying to romanticize my life but a Corolla full of girls passes by."

So how does Spirit Airlines fit into this? Well, TikTokers have essentially decided that Spirit is the "Corolla full of girls" of the sky, claiming that Spirit is perpetually "unbothered" as one comment put it, even when severe weather is grounding other airlines' planes. Below are a few of our favorite viral TikToks illustrating the trend:

In a statement shared with Thrillist, a spokesperson for Spirit Airlines said they "enjoy a good TikTok trend as much as anyone" but that "these videos clearly aren't based in fact. They don't even show a Spirit plane."

"We know creators like to have fun with content, and we've seen this trend with other brands too. In reality, safety is always our top priority," the statement continued before pointing out that Spirit was named one of the safest airlines by WalletHub last month and has been recognized by the FAA for its safety practices.

What do you think of this trend?

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