Spirit Will Give You an Upgrade if You Wear a Halloween Costume on Your Flight

Before you pull your costume on, there are some rules to know about.

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Photo courtesy Spirit Airlines
Photo courtesy Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is like the fun cousin of carriers. It's always trying to have a good time, and it never goes so far as, say, breaking the law, but it sure seems to flirt with boundaries sometimes.

This year, for example, Spirit is celebrating Halloween in an authentic fun-cousin fashion, and it is encouraging everyone to show up in a costume to their Spirit flight. There is, of course, a reward—all those who hop on the plane wearing a Halloween outfit will get a free upgrade, namely priority boarding. But remember: the promo is only valid on October 31.

There are, however, some things you should keep in mind if you're already plotting your scary disguise. Remember how we said Spirit likes to live on the edge? As such, it is encouraging chaotic Halloween costumes, but it is doing so within TSA guidelines (and with common sense in mind).

As far as common sense goes, Spirit is urging passengers to think of the children, and avoid wearing outfits that might scare them or that are considered offensive, objectionable, or violent. Also, the airline wants travelers to be mindful of everyone's space, will ya? If your costume takes up extra space, you should reconsider—but as long as it fits within your seat and doesn't annoy other passengers, you're good to go.

Now, onto the more serious stuff. As per TSA guidelines, definitely leave at home props or accessories that resemble weapons. However, lightsabers are okay—the TSA made sure to specify that in its Halloween-related policies. For safety and security reasons, your face should also be visible. "Masks over your nose and mouth are acceptable," read the Spirit guidelines. "However full-face masks (obstructing your entire face) are not permissible." Same goes for headwear—It's cool as long as it doesn't cover your entire face.

If you don't have time to commit to a full costume, Spirit wants you to know you can get an upgrade without trying too hard. "Halloween-themed non-offensive t-shirts, outfits and hats are acceptable and feel just as festive," the airline said in its guidelines.

Whether you opt for a subtle or extra costume on your Spirit flight, make sure to respect all these rules, because they're no joke. If you don't adhere, you may be refused boarding on the basis of inappropriate clothing, "unless [your] costume can be modified to comply."

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