Spotify Has a New Couples Plan With a Playlist That Merges Your Tastes

Hope bae isn't big on Dubstep.


Spotify has a reward for all the couples who stayed together during quarantine, a first-of-its-kind premium subscription made for two, and it's $2 cheaper than the family plan

Because I'd like to continue dominating the playlist experience, I will never tell my girlfriend about this. But for couples who already have the $14.99 family plan -- or are looking to commit musically for the first time -- the $12.99 "Premium Duo" plan is definitely the superior choice (couples will also save a collective $7 a month by switching from their individual plans). Duo launched on July 1, according to an announcement by Spotify. 

A Spotify study found that 73% of couples listen to music together to remember happy memories. And while a it didn't find that 73% of couples bicker over whose playlist gets turned on, I suspect as much. The Premium Duo plan sort of solves this issue with its "Duo Mix" feature, which blends the two users' tastes into one playlist. 

To switch accounts, just go to your account page on You'll be able to do all the same things that were possible with individual premium accounts, uninterrupted by bae's screamcore or whatever. You'll also still get personalized playlists tailored to you, and be able to use all the same Spotify hacks

But, hey, while professional music critics have opinions on the best songs of 2020, everybody's list is different. So remember that it's OK to set boundaries with your partner if you don't want to listen to the Duo Mix. Love may be blind, but it's not deaf. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer at Thrillist.