Spotify's New Group Sessions Feature Finally Lets You Share DJ Duties

No more fighting over the aux cord.


There's always a dispute over the aux cord. Your best friend is insistent on playing the new Kehlani album to death, your boyfriend wants to queue up just one EDM song, and your roommate is yelling "next" from the room over. Spotify gets it, which is why the music streaming platform is introducing a way to share DJ duties with your whole crew.

Available exclusively for premium members, Spotify is beta testing a new group sessions feature that lets you share scannable Spotify codes so you and your friends can pause, play, skip, and queue up tracks. And while the music-fueled fights will inevitably continue, at least everyone's got equal control in the game now. 

Though you likely won't be hosting a party anytime soon (translation: you shouldn't be) that doesn't mean the group sessions won't come in handy while quarantining. Whether you're holed up with your family, significant other, or ragtag team of Craigslist roommates, it doesn't matter. Set a soundtrack for those living room workouts, cooking sessions, and whatever else is helping you pass the time.  

To use the update, the music host will navigate over to the connect menu in the bottom-left hand corner and share a scannable code with whoever you're willing to relinquish some control to. Guests can scan the code to gain access and start queuing things up. 

According to Tech Crunch, Spotify began testing the group sessions last year, but will now launch globally for premium accounts. It can reportedly support up to 100 users, but requires everyone to be in the same physical space -- and, you know, social distancing prevents you from actually doing that right now. So save the group sessions for your family dinners for the time being. 

h/t The Verge

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist and she stands by her country music song selections.