Here's How to Get Your Spotify Wrapped 2022, Including Top Songs, Artists & Playlists

What it is, how to find it, and how to brag to your friends how much better your music taste is than theirs.

We haven't even dipped our toe in the December pond, but we're already treating 2022 like it's over—in the world of social media, at least. TikTok's year-end "era" roundups have gone viral, Instagram's Top Nine is here, and now, Spotify Wrapped is dropping so you can judge your own music taste throughout the year. 

"There’s no single way to define what a year 2022 has been. Coming back after a few years of uncertainty has led each of us to create a “new normal” in our relationships to culture—and to each other," the music streaming platform said in a blog post Wednesday. "This year, Spotify listeners especially took the chance to redefine how they find joy. And now, it’s time to unveil what the world collectively delighted in and obsessed over with Spotify's 2022 Wrapped.

Here's how to find your own Spotify Wrapped for 2022: 

What is Spotify Wrapped? 

ICYMI (i.e. have been living under a rock the last few years), the Spotify Wrapped site generates your most-listened-to songs, albums, podcasts, and artists of the year, providing you a personalized review and deep-dive into how your listening preferences stack up against the masses. Are you really the Taylor Swift stan you think you are? It won't only show you the stats (in fun different formats), but it also curates a playlist so you can relive 2022 in music. 

How to find your Spotify Wrapped for 2022

Just head over to your Spotify mobile app (for iOS or Android) and you'll find your personalized Wrapped story and playlists on the homepage. You can also listen to your playlists directly on the your laptop or desktop computer.

How do you share your Spotify Wrapped? 

Those slides in your personalized Spotify Wrapped presentation are actually ready-to-share images. You just click the share button and toss it on your 'gram. It's that easy. 

How is Spotify Wrapped different from Instafest?

You might be a little confused by the recent Instafest stories that have been going around the social media app, because those too include some of your top artists. Here's how they're different: Instafest was 1. not made by Spotify, but rather a third-party website, 2. it only provides your top streamed artists, and 3. it lets you choose the time frame for those stats, like four weeks or all-time.

What was the most streamed music in 2022? 

Drum roll please...for the third year in a row, Bad Bunny landed the number one spot on Spotify's Wrapped top artists. Here's the full lineup: 

1. Bad Bunny
2. Taylor Swift 
3. Drake
4. The Weeknd
5. BTS 

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.