A Squirrel Ran Into the Middle of a Football Game and the Internet Loved It

Published On 11/06/2016 Published On 11/06/2016
squirrel packers game
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It's been a weird NFL season so far. There have been a couple of ties and players have been fined by the league for entertaining fans. But fans watching the Colts beat up on the Packers on Sunday saw something the probably haven't seen before. 

Toward the end of the third quarter, the game had a squirrel delay. A squirrel ran on the field, taunting the Packers by showing just how easy it is to get into that end zone the team was struggling to access. 

Naturally, the internet went nuts over the squirrel. And so did fans at the stadium as a man with a net — is there dedicated squirrel security in the NFL? — chased down the bushy-tailed bandit. Fans at Lambeau Field booed the man with the net hoping the furry friend would continue his lawless promenade around the field. 

Here are a few of the internet's best reactions to Sunday's squirrel-gate.

One hopes the security was humane with the little guy, who was probably a little freaked out finding itself in the middle of 80,000 humans. The squirrel hasn't responded to a request for comment (and neither has the NFL).

A representative for the Packers tells Thrillist that the squirrel wasn't released, because the squirrel was never caught. Run, squirrel, run.

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