St. Louis Rams Fans Would Burn Their Jerseys... If Anyone Owned Any

Got weekend plans to do the Bob and Weave over the burning remnants of your St Louis Rams jersey? Yeah, you're not alone.

Betrayed St. Louis Rams fans are looking for a way to express their complicated feelings after their beloved -- well,"beloved" is a strong word, maybe just, painfully tolerated -- St Louis Rams announced plans to move back to Los Angeles. The general consensus is to burn things.

Here's how things stand:

It's cold. Jerseys are a source of warmth.

It's cold in West Des Moines, guess I should have a bonfire with my St. Louis Rams hats and jerseys! #scrubs

Posted by Nick Bruno Bruns on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And this guy's set on that course of action

But, wait. Do we have jerseys to burn though?

Well, you could just buy some gear to burn here.

No, no, no! Use common sense people.

Like these good samaritans, who picked up all the discarded jerseys around Rams Park

But some of those jerseys might not be recyclable...


How about we "use our words" like "rational human beings?"



Hopefully this resolves itself sensibly. Come on Rams fans. Take a deep breath. Think of Super Bowl XXXIV, and try to be happy for LA. 

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