Disney's Insane New 'Star Wars' Theme Parks Finally Have Opening Dates

Star Wars geeks of all stripes will be pleased to know that the franchise's first immersive theme park is fast coming to life, courtesy of Disney. We've gotten glimpses of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for nearly a year now, with video renderings and even dioramas springing up to sate the most diehard fan's undying wishes to finally experience Star Wars IRL. 

Disney released a video on Wednesday, confirming both Galaxy's Edge theme parks at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida will open in the summer and fall of 2019, respectively. The video is intentionally short and vague, letting the viewers do the heavy lifting. But when it comes to the 14-acre park, which promises to be Disney's gift to Westworld adherents, it's clear that fans will get tossed into the crux of the action.  

Galaxy's Edge has a narrative: the park is a physical rendering of the planet Batuu, which is apparently gripped with a confrontation between the Resistance and the First Order. You'll be able to helm the steering wheel of the Millennium Falcon, and reportedly absorb other attractions drawn from older movies in the Star Wars franchise. 

But Disney isn't stopping with two fully-immersive theme parks. Disney World will eventually be home to a Star Wars-themed hotel, where guests will dress in the appropriate attire and interact with some familiar faces from the franchise. Guests shouldn't be hoping for a restful stay, either: at the hotel, you'l be recruited for missions by the staff, and your performance will determine whether you get paid (in the form of extra hotel credits), or if bounty hunters start tracking you for retribution. 

Sounds intriguing and maybe a little unnerving, right? 

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