This Guy Built a Giant 'Star Wars' AT-ACT Playhouse in His Backyard

Published On 12/11/2016 Published On 12/11/2016

Considering items like an R2-D2 coffee press and even a Death Star-shaped grill, there's anything but a shortage of Star Wars toys, products, and other merchandise you can nerd out over ahead of the release of Rogue One. But with the help of eBay (and probably The Force), one man managed to take the fandom to a new extreme by building a giant AT-ACT playhouse right in his backyard. 

Watch as inventor/mad scientist/YouTube personality Colin Furze shows off the massive, high-tech playhouse, which stands over 18 feet tall and took nearly a month to construct with materials purchased on eBay. The replica features to-scale parts based on an AT-ACT toy model, moving head and gun parts controlled from inside, and even a motorized staircase that drops down from its underside. The interior is equally impressive, with its stockpile of Star Wars merch, video games, and control switches. It's basically a dream come true for young Star Wars fans, but hell, you'd have to be a servant of the Dark Side not to hang out and play with it, too. Are you jealous yet?

Furze also posted a video chronicling the construction of the massive AT-ACT, including the surprising parts he used to form the fictional cargo carrier/warship's guns. Maybe once you see how much work it involved, you'll be slightly less jealous of the spectacular playhouse. Maybe. 

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