This Reusable Mug Gets You Free Coffee Every Day for a Month at Starbucks

Edited - Courtesy of Starbucks

In case you missed it, the growing threat from climate change is gravely real. And while the government is currently ignoring the latest warnings, it would behoove everyone to do whatever possible to help save the environment. For Starbucks, that means rewarding customers who buy a reusable tumbler with free coffee or tea for a month.

Yes, we’re serious (caffeine is no laughing matter). The coffee company recently unveiled a stainless steel 16-ounce Brewed Refill Tumbler, which you can snag for $40 at your local Starbucks. Customers who come in with the reusable receptacle will get free grande hot coffee or tea every day in January. The only catch is no specialty coffees or teas are available as part of the deal, so you’ll have to keep your order simple.

We know what you’re thinking, $40 is a little steep for a tumbler. In the end, however, this works out to be quite a deal. In New York, grande brewed coffee from Starbucks will cost a little over $2.89. Now, prepare to take a long hard look at your habit: $2.89 multiplied by 31 days in January works out to about $89.59. By purchasing the reusable cup and popping into your local Starbucks every day in January, you’re saving about $50.

If you enjoy the occasional hot coffee or tea, but aren’t a daily caffeine consumer (please teach us your secret), Starbucks’ latest promotion is still a deal. Even if you only take advantage of this deal 14 times in January, you’d make your $40 back and have an eco-friendly tumbler to show for it. But let’s be honest, you’re going in for your free coffee every day.

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