Starbucks Sells Coffee in Mason Jars Now

starbucks singapore mason jars
Starbucks Singapore

Whether you call them hipsters or hillbillies or just plain-old humans, for years and years and years, the masses have sipped their coffee out of mason jars. The mason jar is fast, it seals, it's utilitarian, it's widely (and unfairly) roasted for an undeserving reputation of trendy snobbery that large swathes of people nonetheless swear by. Those traits are exactly what makes Starbucks and mason jars a perfect match, of course.

Someone at Starbucks has apparently gotten the message and introduced the concept to the company's Asian markets. It was already selling a green-lidded jar, filled to the brim with cold brew, in South Korea as early as last year. A new, black-lidded version -- closer to Starbucks' more-chic Reserve branding has just been introduced in Singapore, and it looks extremely Instagrammable. The handled jars cost S$8.90 ($6.30) or S$5.90 ($4.20) with a purchase of cold brew.

Unfortunately for those of us stuck in North America, the multinational chain appears to have no plans to expand its mason jar offering to the market that thirsts for it the most. I beseech thee, Starbucks, bring your printed glass mugs to the States. Our consumerism needs it, and the best Starbucks coffee drinks will taste all the better once we wrap our lips round the screwed rim and guzzle.

For now I guess I'll just have to bring my own mason jars from home and dump the cold brew into them after I buy my coffee -- and I might splash! How will I know I'm getting every single coffee flavor and chemical element then? 

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