Starbucks Just Added 3 New Cold Brew Flavors to the Menu

Almond and oat milk fans, this one's for you!

Courtesy of Starbucks

Back in January, Starbucks added three new dairy-free signature drinks to its permanent menu: an almond milk honey flat white, coconut milk latte, and oat milk honey latte. But with the return of summer -- and its subsequent scorching temps -- it's about time we switch up our go-to orders for something iced.

Thankfully, the coffee giant is delivering yet again with a trio of non-dairy cold brew foam drinks. Beginning Tuesday, June 23, you can get your hands on the cold brew with Cinnamon almond milk foam, cold brew with dark cocoa almond milk foam nationwide, and the cold brew with cinnamon oat milk foam if you're in California or the midwest. Cheers to that my lactose-challenged friends.

Each beverage begins with the chain's classic cold brew, followed by a variety of additions. The cold brew with cinnamon almond milk foam features cinnamon, vanilla syrup, and that almond milk cold foam. The cold brew with dark cocoa almond milk involves a mocha sauce, cocoa powder, and almond milk cold foam. And the cold brew with cinnamon oat milk foam, which actually first launched in the Midwest as part of a trial run earlier this year, has cinnamon, vanilla syrup, and an oat milk cold foam. 

Courtesy of Starbucks

And while each cold brew is packed with the necessary caffeine to survive the work day, each non-dairy cold foam drink is less than 50 calories for a grande. 

Of course, for the creatives in the room, you can always personalize your beverage. Starbucks has over 170,000 drink customizations, so you can switch up your milk preferences, ask for more or less syrup opt in on a sugar substitute, or make it "skinny."  

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.
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