Get Free Coffee at Starbucks by Using a Reusable Cup

It will only take two in-store visits to earn enough rewards for a free cup.

Earth Day is only a few days away, and for this occasion, Starbucks is going greener. Starting this Friday, April 22, Starbucks is boosting its rewards program, and thanks to this, members will be much closer to snagging free coffee.

All Starbucks fans will need is a reusable cup. If you bring a clean reusable cup to one of the many Starbucks locations and present your Rewards membership, you will earn 25 Stars per transaction.

Usually, customers would get either one or two stars per dollar spent on every purchase, depending on the payment method. When buying a Grande size coffee, which is $2.10, coffee lovers would earn between two and four Stars, which is a considerable difference from the new Rewards policy featuring reusable cups.

A free coffee at Starbucks is worth 50 Stars, or two visits to the store per the new sustainable rules. For a free craft beverage, like a frappuccino or any other more elaborate drink, customers would need to visit Starbucks and ask for their cup to be filled only six times to reach 150 points.

This green initiative is part of Starbucks' effort to become more sustainable and reduce waste. The company, in fact, has announced that it is planning to cut its waste in half by the year 2030.

For now, the sustainability-friendly rewards boost is only available in store. According to The Points Guy, Starbucks said it is "working on solutions" to make this available also to drive-thru customers and through mobile ordering.

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