Starbucks Workers Have Filed to Unionize in 30 States

This unionization movement continues to grow.

Natee Meepian/Shutterstock
Natee Meepian/Shutterstock

There are now corporate-owned Starbucks that have filed the intent to unionize in 30 states across the United States. It is part of a quickly growing labor movement by Starbucks Workers United, and a total of 226 stores have announced that they will file to unionize or have already filed to unionize.

A store in Alabama extended the movement into its 30th state, and in announcing their intent, the workers also wrote an open letter to Howard Schultz. Schultz recently stepped back into his role as CEO, which he initially held as founder of Starbucks. In the letter, the employees wrote: "For years Starbucks has boasted its progressive policies and benefits. While we do acknowledge our company has a laudable history compared to others, we CANNOT in good conscience remain silent."

"We wish to bring our very best to the customers we love, and request that Starbucks follow its own self proclaimed mission statement in regards to our decision," the letter continues.

The store in Alabama announcing its intention to unionize is yet another symbolic win for Starbucks Workers United. Recently, a store in Starbucks' hometown of Seattle, Washington became the seventh store to vote to unionize. The vote came the same week as Schultz stepped back into his role as CEO. The following week, one of the New York City roasters, which is considered one of Schultz’s priorities, became the 10th store to unionize.

So far, 20 stores have successfully voted to unionize. Catch up on the historic implications of Starbucks' labor movement here.

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