Starbucks Coffee Just Got More Expensive and People Are Predictably Pissed


Those who get their morning caffeine fix at Starbucks are in for a somewhat rude-awakening: The global coffee peddler recently confirmed another price-hike for its standard drip coffee.

This isn't anything out of the ordinary, as history shows Starbucks has routinely raised prices in recent years, including a 30 cent hike on cold drink prices in 2016. But now, all sizes of brewed coffee are 10 to 20 cents more expensive, leaving caffeine addicts saddled with heftier tabs and more reasons to heir their grievances on the internet, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The prices will factor in between $1.95 and $2.15 for a Tall sized coffee, contingent upon the local tax. 

This, of course, has given Starbucks loyalists no recourse but to vent onto the great emotional sounding board that is Twitter: 

Those tweeting hashtags at the coffee behemoth will quickly learn that resistance proves moot in the end: The chain confirmed that the brewed-coffee prices went up across all 8,000 locations in the United States on Tuesday. 

The news follows the scheduled departure of Starbucks Chairman and ex-CEO Howard Shultz, who has hinted at some bourgeoning ambitions to run for public office -- a new career that likely will also see the public yell at him via 240-character tweets. 

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