Starbucks Jacked Up Iced Coffee Prices and People Are Pissed

Published On 11/22/2016 Published On 11/22/2016

Nothing causes a public outcry like some untoward Starbucks news. Not only has the coffee giant been accused of declaring war on Christmas, but earlier this month, it toyed with the emotions of its most devoted fans by unleashing highly unpopular green holiday cups. This was controversial, because people love using Starbucks as a punching bag.

Now though, Starbucks’ customers might start to feel a strain on their wallets, as the company initiated a slight price increase of between 10 and 30 cents on certain cold beverages and baked goods. As financial news outlet The Street reports, the price hike was initiated on November 10th, and is something of a precautionary measure taken in light of the unexpected result of the presidential election.

Although a modest increase, it’s been enough to provoke outrage from the usual suspects on Twitter, who are seething over cold brew and scones:

Although the indignation is real, Starbucks was quick to allay fears of potentially going broke over an iced mocha addiction. A company spokesperson told CNBC: "We expect the average customer ticket to increase by about 0.5 percent as a result of these beverage adjustments...approximately 90 percent of beverages have not changed price. For example hot brewed coffee, espresso, tea or prepared items were not impacted."

Starbucks’ biggest devotees are justified in some of their misgivings, being that November’s price hike is the second announced by the company this year. In July, the company cited increased operational and coffee costs to initiate a price increase of up to 30 cents on some goods.

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