Starbucks Drink Recalled in 7 States Because It May Contain Metal Fragments

You might want to double (or triple) check what's in your fridge.

There's nothing like a shot of espresso (or three) to kick start your morning. But, before you rush to chug your daily dose of caffeine, you might want to double check what it is you're sipping on. PepsiCo Inc. recently announced a recall of its Starbucks Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot beverages.

The canned drinks are being pulled from shelves due to possible contamination by a foreign material.

The recalled products, which could contain metal fragments, were distributed across Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas, and 221 cases total have been effected. The notice specifically applies to 15-ounce cans that come in packs of 12.

Although the ongoing recall began on August 15, the news was made public by the Food and Drug Administration on September 8. The government agency didn't publish a full release, but an enforcement report is live on its website.

If you've recently purchased the aforementioned beverage, whether it was to keep you up on a road trip, or to power you through a late night study session, you should think twice before popping it open. Consumers are being urged to stop consuming the product and return it to its original place of purchase.

Looking for more recall information?

We’re always looking out for food safety alerts. For up to date information on food and drink products that have been recalled, check out this page, which is updated regularly.

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