Fancy-Up Your Iced Coffee With Starbucks’ New Copper Cup

It’s technically plastic, but that’s between you and the brew.

Starbucks' new cold cups have a shiny copper appearance.
Grace Han/Thrillist

Believe it or not, carrying a Starbucks cup once signaled a kind of prestige. You weren’t just drinking a medium coffee, you were sipping a grande Pike Place Roast. Those days are largely gone, but you can still flash some cachet with the chain’s latest bit of hardware. 

Rather than simply indicating you’re the sort who’ll pay more than necessary for a cup of joe, Starbucks’ limited edition copper dichroic bling plastic cold cup tells the world that you are not a person heaving trash everywhere, but rather a concerned denizen of the Earth focused on sustainability, caring for the environment, and reusable cups. Or just that you like shiny things, either way. 

The 24-ounce vessel, crafted in honor of Starbucks’ 50th anniversary is emblazoned with the brand’s signature Siren and has a textured finish that catches the light quite nicely for all your casual, sipping coffee in the afternoon, ‘grams. The cups, intended to “celebrate [the company’s] heritage while looking boldly to the future,” are priced at about $20. 

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