Starbucks Is Giving Away Reusable Holiday Cups That Get You Discounts 'Til January

starbucks reusable cup holiday drink deal red
Courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks' lineup of iconic holiday coffee drinks -- alongside festive new holiday cups -- is finally back this week. And keeping in line with its previous popular offerings, this also means Starbucks is unleashing a holiday-themed reusable cup that you can get your hands on for free. The cup, which sold out almost right away last year, gets you discounts on drinks through January. 

How to score your own free reusable red cup

Starbucks' new limited-edition reusable cup will provide a cheery home for your hot, caffeinated beverages. The red cup -- stamped with a pattern of the Starbucks siren logo and the words "merry" and "coffee" -- is a lot more fun than last year's reusable cup, which was sleek and red but lacked any real festive themes.

The environmentally friendly cups will be distributed to anyone who orders a drink from the holiday lineup at participating stores on November 7. Of course, being limited edition and all, the cups are only available while supplies last, so try and be the first customer in your local 'bucks to secure yours with, say, a nutmeg-filled Eggnog Latte.

The special cup discount

Beyond getting a cute and merry cup for your sweet hot liquids, the reusable red cup also unlocks a special discount for thirsty Starbucks fiends. From November 7 through January 7, those who bring back their 2019 reusable red cup at most Starbucks locations will get 50 cents off any handcrafted grande holiday beverage, so yes, feel free to indulge in yet another Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. We won't judge.

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