This Is Where More than 2,000 Starbucks Workers Are Striking Today

More than 110 stores will be closed due to the labor strike.

You weren't alone if you pulled up to your local Starbucks store today and found that all of your usual baristas were not there or were standing out front with protest signs. At least 2,000 workers are on strike as of November 17, which is the largest demonstration yet from Starbucks employees advocating for their rights. In December 2021, the first corporate-owned Starbucks saw workers successfully form a union. Less than a year later, there are hundreds of unions or workers intending to form unions across the country.

Their efforts have met a lot of resistance from Starbucks executives, who have vocally pushed back and have even gotten in trouble with the National Labor Relations Board for the corporation's conduct and treatment of employees.

Starbucks Workers United, the group organizing union efforts, called today's strike the Red Cup Rebellion. "Why are baristas nationwide on strike today?" the group wrote in an Instagram post. "Starbucks Workers United is conducting a nationwide ULP Strike over the company's refusal to bargain in good faith. Workers across this campaign are also calling for the company to fully staff our union stores, because we know that Short Staffing = Venti Wait Times."

According to the Washington Post, which has extensively covered the labor movement happening at Starbucks, there have been other Starbucks strikes before, which have lasted up to 20 days but have never included so many stores at once. The move comes after Starbucks executives refused to meet with any of the 264 stores that have successfully voted to unionize. The map below shows which stores are participating in the strike, which currently includes 112 stores.

"Starbucks thinks they can drag their feet in bargaining, and we're here to show them we rebel against their tactics and we mean business—by shutting down theirs," the post from SWU continues.

The Washington Post reported that some regular customers were informed of the strike in advance and that customers joined the workers on the picket line in support. Starbucks Workers United has asked anyone who wishes to support the strike effort today to sign the #NoContractNoCoffee pledge and consider donating to the workers' Solidarity Fund.

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