Starbucks' Wine-Infused 'Frappuccino' Is Real, But Not Really for You

Given the world's love for alcohol, blended drinks, and alcoholic blended drinks, it's safe to assume A LOT of people would enjoy boozy Frappuccinos from Starbucks. Perhaps that's why word of a new offering from the company in Japan quickly spiraled into widespread reports on Tuesday that Starbucks is introducing new, alcoholic Frappuccinos. This, unfortunately, is not true.

In fact, the beverage -- reportedly dubbed the Wine Fraggino -- is more of a blended wine slushie-like drink (which also sounds delicious), but you'll likely never get your hands on one -- even if you live in Japan. Again, unfortunately. The drink was created to celebrate the launch of the company's beer- and wine-filled Starbucks Evenings program in Japan, and was only available for one day at one Starbucks location there, according to Starbucks. And in a statement via email, a spokesman for the company strongly denied reports of a new alcohol-spiked Frappuccino:

"This beverage is unique only to one store in Japan for today only to celebrate the launch of Starbucks Evenings experience in Japan," the spokesman said (emphasis his). "To be clear, this beverage is not a Frappuccino or part of the Frappuccino portfolio -- it is made with a local Japanese wine blended with ice. Frappuccino beverages are only made with a milk or dairy alternative base."

A quick Instagram search reveals photos from people who were able to enjoy them:


A photo posted by Kazu (@kazuu0801) on


A photo posted by Yu (@y12u) on

But, again, while a simple blended wine drink sounds freaking fantastic, there's no indication that it'll be available anywhere outside the one Japanese location. Unfortunately. Basically, we just can't say the word unfortunately enough. Fortunately, there's still a chance you can get buzzed at your local Starbucks -- if it's one of the growing number of locations serving beer and wine as part of the aforementioned Evenings program. The bottom line: there are no such things as alcoholic Frappuccinos, at least outside of your thirsty desires.


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