All Pink Starburst Are Here to Stay & They're Celebrating With a $1 Self-Care Kit

All Pink packs of Starburst are now a permanent candy available across the United States.

all pink starburst
Edited - Courtesy of Starburst

It's important to take care of yourself and your community. Though, it's easy to lose yourself in helping others, protecting your community, and the endless potential for doomscrolling. So, be sure to check in with yourself and the people around you.

If your version of self-care involves candy or, more specifically, pink Starburst, well, your day is about to get self-care-ier. Starburst announced on July 21 that its All Pink packs are going to become a permanent, everyday candy in stores across the US. If the pink Starburst are your jam, jam out. It's your day. (Though, I guess every day is your day now. Congrats.)

Additionally, the company is rolling out All Pink Self-Care Kits to help you do the little things to take care of yourself. "We want to celebrate the positivity and empowering message All Pink has come to stand for over the years," said Justin Hollyn-Taub, whose job title -- Director, Fruit Snacks -- sounds like the imaginary post at Willy Wonka's factory you invented as a kid. "We recognize that our day-to-day lives have changed quite a bit this year -- and we want to use this as an opportunity to encourage our fans to practice self-care."

The kit comes with a gratitude journal, succulent, yoga towel, jade roller, meditative coloring book with colored pencils, shower steamer, sleep mask, tumbler, and Starburst. That whole kit costs just $0.99 at until all of the kits are gone. Though, the stress of frantically clicking to beat everyone to those kits might be the opposite of self-care. Maybe just try to click and type real slow while chanting "serenity now." There you go.

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