Here Are the States With the Highest and Lowest Percentages of Married People

If the Facebooks of your least favorite high school acquaintances are any indication, people are still getting married. Divorce rate be damned, people really seem to really want to give up the luxury of a full bed to themselves...

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If the Facebooks of your least favorite high school acquaintances are any indication, people are still getting married. Divorce rate be damned; Americans are still keen to give up the luxury of a full bed all to themselves. And that's cool, we -- and your mother -- respect that.

But there's a whole lot of states in these United States, and attitudes toward marriage in those places vary as much as the quality of their cuisines. For proof, check out this recent study from 24/7 Wall St., which reviewed the Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community Survey to find the percentage of the 15-year-and-older population currently married in these states and ranked them. 

USA Today points out that currently, 48.2% of all Americans age 15 and over are married. If you're not married, we recommend hiding that statistic from your relatives. It'll only encourage them.

Here's the full ranking

50. Louisiana 
Married population: 43.6​​​​​​%

49. New York
Married population: 44.6%

48. Mississippi
Married population: 44.8%

47. New Mexico
Married population: 44.9%

46. Rhode Island
Married population: 45.1%

45. Nevada
Married population: 45.7%

44. Florida
Married population: 46.4%

43. Massachusetts
Married population: 46.6%

42. California
Married population: 46.7%

41. Maryland
Married population: 47.0%

40. Georgia
Married population: 47.0%

39. South Carolina
Married population: 47.3%

38. Arizona
Married population: 47.3%

37. Delaware
Married population: 47.7%

36. Illinois
Married population: 47.8%

35. Alabama
Married population: 47.8%

34. Connecticut
Married population: 47.9%

33. Ohio
Married population: 48.1%

32. Michigan
Married population: 48.1%

31. Pennsylvania
Married population: 48.2%

30. Alaska
Married population: 48.9%

29. North Carolina
Married population: 49.0%

28. New Jersey
Married population: 49.0%

27. Texas
Married population: 49.3%

26. Tennessee
Married population: 49.3%

25. Indiana
Married population: 49.3%

24. Missouri
Married population: 49.5%

23. Oregon
Married population: 49.6%

22. Vermont
Married population: 49.7%

21. Kentucky
Married population: 49.8%

20. Hawaii
Married population: 49.8%

19. Oklahoma
Married population: 49.9%

18. Virginia
Married population: 50.0%

17. Arkansas
Married population: 50.1%

16. West Virginia
Married population: 50.2%

15. Wisconsin
Married population: 50.8%

14. Colorado
Married population: 50.8%

13. Washington
Married population: 51.0%

12. Maine
Married population: 51.0%

11. South Dakota
Married population: 52.2%

10. Montana
Married population: 52.2%

9. Minnesota
Married population: 52.2%

8. North Dakota
Married population: 52.3%

7. New Hampshire
Married population: 52.4 %

6. Kansas
Married population: 52.5%

5. Iowa
Married population: 52.8%

4. Nebraska
Married population: 53.1%

3. Wyoming
Married population: 53.6%

2. Idaho
Married population: 54.9%

1. Utah
Married population: 56.1%

Louisiana, the bottom state, has a full 13% fewer marriages than the top state, Utah. Depending on your take on the whole Netflix-partner-for-life take, it might seem that Louisiana has the right idea. We're not going to come down on that either way. That's between you and your partner. And all of your family at Thanksgiving. 

And, no, moving to Utah is not going to solve your love woes. But moving to a city where you'll make more money might?

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