You Can Get Serious Rewards for Flying in the Middle Seat

In the backseat of a car, finding yourself in the scorned middeseat is typically a comment on your personal character. You weren't fierce or ruthless enough to demand a window seat. You weren't quick enough to call "shotgun." For lack of a better word, you are a weenie. 

On a plane, however, things are not quite so simple. It's unlikely that sweet, old Judith in the aisle seat bullied you into taking the middle, or that Expedia sensed a blaring weakness in your laptop keystrokes. The middle seat is not to be taken personally. It's unlucky, which is why Stella Artois is looking to reward folks who find themselves sentenced to the purgatory of airline seating. 

From December 3 through December 21, the esteemed beer purveyors will make your woefully unpleasant in-flight seating arrangement that much more bearable with an enormous roster of prizes. As a part of the Stella Artois Holiday Travel Contest, travelers can earn Lyft discount codes and airplane freebies in exchange for a minuscule price: a middle seat selfie.

In terms of prizes, 60 lucky winners will earn their just reward in the form of a $500 credit to be used towards seat upgrades on future flights. Another 28 winners will receive $500 gift cards for Ticketmaster or Stubhub (which is somewhat strange because pretty much all seats are middle seats at a concert), 42 folks will get up to $50 in precious Lyft credits, and 28 travelers will find themselves with a free yearly membership to Clear, a service that allows passengers to skip to the front of airport security lines.

To reap these benefits, you'll simply have to document your tragic middle seat experiences via selfie on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Tag @StellaArtois, use the hashtags #StellaUpgrade and #Contest, then wait and see -- Stella plans to dish out plenty of prizes each day, so as long as you're 21, and you look utterly dismayed to find yourself sandwiched between two strangers on your phone screen, your odds are pretty good.

Personal space is tacky, anyway. 

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Eliza Dumais is a news writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter for proof.